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Rev Tony Graff has now left our Church and Circuit with the Rev Gill Le Boutillier-Scott now with sole ministerial responsibility for our church in Hextable. Rev Gill has a part time role and may not always be able to respond straight away, but please leave her a message.


Revd Gill Le Boutillier-Scott

Contact No. 0732761263

Originally a primary school teacher, Gill trained to be a Presbyter at Wesley House
Cambridge and has served in the Birmingham Sutton Park Circuit and the Weald of Kent

Gill has a passion for helping congregations to engage with the word of God to extend their
knowledge and encourage their experience of Christ and to deepen disciples’ relationship
with God. She also has a keen interest in church growth and preaching and teaching.

Gill has four children (why she works part time!) and five cats! She hails from Guernsey in
the Channel Islands hence the French part of her name. 

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